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Magic One is a leading direct response media buying agency. We offer multi-channel direct response services, including DRTV, mobile, radio and online media buying. Our knowledge of Asian markets allows us to make the best use of various media platforms.


Whether your goal is to drive direct sales, generate high quality leads, increase website traffic or direct customers to a physical retail location, Magic One can help execute your direct response advertising objectives through our multi-channel media buying approach. 

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With nearly two decades of experience, direct response television (DRTV) is the core business of Magic One. As an industry-leading DRTV media buying agency, we combine extensive research, market experience and knowledge along with fine-tuned analytics to provide the most effective DRTV media buying campaigns with demonstrated results.



Magic One offers clients a suite of digital media buying options that can significantly boost a company’s ROI. The best results are seen when digital marketing is executed in harmony with an offline DRTV and/or direct response radio campaign. We work with a variety of Ecommerce websites and marketers who are utilizing an integrated combination of online and offline marketing strategies designed to increase online traffic and sales.



We specialize in short and long form radio media buying that provide the highest probability of success, based on the targeted, low cost and broad availability of direct response radio. Our radio advertising services include endorsement radio, infomercials, network, and satellite direct response and more.



We understand that the best advertising in the world won’t work if it doesn’t get seen. Our boldly imaginative print and design services deliver your message loud and clear. We also make sure your ads get premium placement! Our advertising printing services include Newspaper ads, Magazine advertisements, Direct mail, Packaging and more!

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